Colourful Norwich skyline illustration

Michael Sage

IT, Digital & Culture

Local Gov Strategy Forum

Like many of these events I felt a certain amount of resignation as the date approached. These events seem like a good idea when you book yourself on them. Then as they get close you realise you are still in local government and you are still considered a force for change and modernisation over 10 years since you started in the industry.

Well… I was really surprised when for the first time the people I met and spoke to were all excited by change in the sector, in part this has been forced upon a number of authorities due to budget cuts, but once they start looking they see the real benefit of cultural and technology transformation for their residents and staff. 

Of course this event was sponsored, and there were a few of the normal suspects peddling their frankly b/s wears to an already jaded public sector, but for the first time ever, I took two business cards and didn’t file them in the round file! I even have two post even meetings booked in.

Here’s to local government and them finally getting it… guess I better start looking at a career change.