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June Update

This one is going to be wordy… I’ve done a few upgrades and changes to the smart static since setting it up and using it

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Living the dream

Eufy Camera Success! We’ve managed to spend a couple of nights in the van, it all works well, Alexa for the music and the Roku

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I must be nuts…

Safe shutdowns… and startups I have not idea how stable the power is at the static, but most of the time we will be turning

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I got the power…

TP-SF1005P v2 Thinking Infrastructure Something I hadn’t really given much thought to until this week was how I was going to power the smart static

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Lights, plugs, action!

Smarting the appliances When I first started planning before buying the ‘van I thought I would smart everything up. Replace the plug sockets with USB

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Smile… Cameras… Action…

Cameras. I don’t need any cameras at the ‘van, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to explore for several other projects I’ve been thinking about…

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Static Pi… Yum!

Pi 4 in it’s pretty case I decided early on that the caravan needed a brain for the various things I wanted to try.  I

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