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Michael Sage

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Flic HTTP request with Authentication

When you are wanting to use the HTTP request within Flic it doesn’t work using the standard user:pass@host. So you have to do a little more work…

  • Add your URL which for me was to turn a light on or off in the garage.

  • stick with GET http method (or which ever suites)

  • under the HTTP headers, set up basic authentication i.e. type “Authorization” in the Key field of the app

  • encode your “user:password” string using base64 (I used for online base64 encoding)

  • Prefix the encoded string with “Basic ” including a trailing space

  • “Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4NCg==” is encoded “admin:admin” as an example. Key or paste all of this into the Value field in the FLIC app

  • Press the save button.

  • Press DONE to ensure all saved away