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SES – SNS -Lamdba – Dynamodb – Alllll the AWS

I’ve been using SES for a while for sending email from servers.

A few months ago one of my servers was compromised and I discovered there is no such thing as good logging in SES…. whooops… Amazon suspended my account and this lead me to investigate how I could get some visibility of SES logging. This was considerably harder than I would have thought. There are no SMTP logs, not real recording of any information and no diagnostics. I nearly left SES for this, then I decided to use it as a learning opportunity to understand more about AWS & SES.

I used this guide to get it all working:

Hopefully this site never goes down, if so I will need to write my own guide! 

It’s easy to add extra fields to the database. These are all the objects available

Finally this docker image allows you to connect to dynamodb easily

The only thing I haven’t managed to do is find out which IAM user actually sent the email… I need to do more research on this to try and enhance my logging further.

AWS Logos for SES, SNS, Lamdba and Dynamodb