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Pi Rack & Pi KVM

My Pi Rack including 2 Pi's and PiKVM and USB HDD components
Pi Rack

I decided that I wanted to tidy up my lack rack and put my two Pi’s rack mounted and out of the way. 

The first pi is a backup “server” it runs rsync and has a 3Tb USB drive, it is a staging server between my backups and OneDrive sync. This was easy to do, I printed one module and one pi rack module, works great! I am thinking I might PoE my rack mount Pi’s but this would mean two HATs and a PoE switch for the study.

The second Pi is my Pi KVM, this Pi is slightly more complex as it has some external components, these are mounted in a case, this case was too big for the module, so I 3D printed cases for the individual cases for the rack module. This has tidied it up and it now fits snuggly in the module.

I have done a lot of 3D printing to support the Pi Rack and Pi KVM components, you can see them on the media carousel, links are below.

The printed components are; Modular Pi Rack, USB power splitter case and HDMI to CSI-2 case.