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Michael Sage

IT, Digital & Culture

Guest Blog – Respect in Security

I was lucky enough to be invited to write a guest blog just after the launch of the respect in security pledge. Inclusivity and calling out bad behaviour should be key to all we do, especially in public sector. It was a no brainer for us to sign up.

So what is respect in security?

Founded by a group of cybersecurity professionals who have decided to take a stand against all forms of harassment within our industry, ‘Respect in Security’ offers organisations the opportunity to formally pledge their commitment to creating a workplace and professional community free from harassment and fear.

The mission to is give victims and potential victims the knowledge that the industry they have chosen does not support these behaviours, and to arm people entering cybersecurity with the knowledge that their peers and employers are there to support them should they ever be targeted.

Committed to making tangible change in our industry. Our objectives are for organisations to be more transparent and accountable in their reporting channels and to help drive positivity in the interactions we have with each other as professionals within our industry.  A group that is pushing for change, and is committed to working alongside organisations who truly wish to make their workplaces more welcoming and inclusive.

You can find out more about their pledge and sign up here

My guest blog, leading by example,  can be found here (and a big thank you to all those at Respect in Security who helped make the blog possible)