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Michael Sage

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New Home Smarts Update

It’s been a while since I did a blog post. I didn’t realise how long until I saw the last update! Well since May 2021, I’ve moved house, tweaked my technology stack and added some new bits.

This is what the house looks like now:

    • Alexa – Voice Control
    • Flic – Physical Control
    • Home Assistant – The glue

The technologies now in use are:

Plugs / Light Strips / HA ZigbeeSonoffYes
Lights / Buttons / PIRHueYes
HeatingTado / Tado TRVsYes
TV RemoteLogitechNo – EOL
Button / H&T / PIRShellyYes – Testing
Lights / PlugsKasaYes – Caravan
PIRESPHomeYes – Limited
Christmas Lights / BulbsTuyaYes
AutomationSmartBotYes – Limited
AmbilightGoveeYes – Limited
AirConSensiboYes – Limited

Everything is currently working well and there are very few issues. 

In time I will write another post about some of the technologies and routines that I now have. Including the whalesong motion sensor when you’re in the cloakroom!